How Does Community Association Management Work With an HOA?

How Does Community Association Management Work With an HOA?

Most members of the HOA board, including the president, don't get paid. However, a community association management worker does get paid. Why does the latter worker receive compensation when the former worker doesn't?

Community association managers are just better at many tasks. Also, paying them allows them to focus fully on HOA tasks. Read on to learn more.

What an HOA Manager Does

An HOA manager handles tasks HOA board members can handle. This usually includes two types of tasks. These include carrying out board policies and managing an HOA's daily operations.

To be more specific, a community association manager handles tasks such as the following:

  • Resolve any conflicts
  • Process work orders
  • Enforce rules and regulations
  • Prepare board meeting agendas
  • Schedule and perform inspections
  • Communicate with residents
  • Follow-up on homeowner complaints

Why can't HOA board members handle these tasks? They can, but doing so can be inconvenient and impractical.

HOA Managers Do It Better

HOA board members usually don't have two things: time and experience. This isn't the case for community association managers.

They're Paid

Managers are paid for their work. They can spend a large amount of time working on HOA tasks. Board members, however, need to work a paying job alongside handling their HOA responsibilities.

They're Experienced

In addition, managers have likely worked with an HOA management company for years. There, they have gained a high amount of skills and experience. As a result, they can excel in handling property management.

HOA board members likely haven't had the time to gain these skills and experience. They can handle tasks that HOA managers can. However, the results of their work won't be as good.

HOA Managers Can't Do It All

An HOA manager can do a lot, but he or she can't do everything. There are a lot of tasks that only HOA board members should handle. These include things that affect the HOA's rules, budget, etc.


For example, board members should be in charge of creating the HOA rules and restrictions. They also need to make decisions that could affect the budget of an HOA. This includes setting up HOA fees, approving maintenance requests, and hiring workers to handle repairs and maintenance.

Managers Make Suggestions

Managers can make these decisions, but they shouldn't. Board members live in the HOA community, so they know better than anyone what the community needs. Managers should be limited to making suggestions.

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In summary, HOA managers can do what board members can. Also, they can do these tasks better than board members. However, only HOA board members should handle certain tasks.

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