Why Hire a Property Manager

Why Hire a Property Manager
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Get call/text right before you go on your long-planned weekend fishing trip at Beaver Lake that something is not working?

Tenant that always pay rent late?

Not getting any call from one of your tenants all year to then to find out that everything is broken when they moved out?

There is a saying “Property management is easy until something goes wrong.”

For a busy person with another career or family to care for, property management can be disruptive.  As your property management company, we are here to take on those burdens when it’s arrives.

We handle all calls, email request from the tenant. We perform frequent property evaluation, lease enforcement to ensure your asset is protected. We provide a 24/7 web portal access to all property information, accounting, maintenance, etc.

Having a property manager will turn your property into a passive investment. Which will enable you to spend more time with family, hobbies or growing your portfolio instead of managing it.

Professional Property Management is a win/win all around!

Owners take comfort in having a turnkey operation that preserved their assets, renting units, and managing them. Tenants take pleasure knowing there is a responsive management 24/7.

We take pride in our vast knowledge and experience to offer both owners and tenants a great living arrangement.

Tenant placement? Repairs? Rent collection? It is all handled.